I never received an email, when will my order ship?
Generally, orders ship within 2-3 days (depending on the country of delivery). If you never received an email, check your spam/junk folder. We send 3 emails throughout the process:
  • a confirmation when we receive your order
  • order processed (but not shipped)
  • order shipped (with tracking)

If you still do not see any of these emails, please contact customer service.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship across whole Europe.  We have flat shipping price - 7 EUR for whole Europe. Simple as that 😊

What are your shipping charges?
We have flat shipping price - 7 EUR for whole Europe. 

What are your processing and delivery times?

Processing times are 1-2 business days. For more information on shipping costs and delivery times, please click here.

How to choose the right size duvet?
You do not want your comforter cover to be loose and flopping around. A good duvet is just an inch or two larger than your comforter. It should be fairly easy to match them, because unless you have a non-traditionally-sized bed, all duvets come in standard sizes.

What pillow should I purchase?
How do you sleep? Back, side, stomach? If you sleep on your back or side a medium density pillow works best. Stomach sleepers should get a soft pillow. If you want a lot of neck support, or have a larger frame we recommend a firm pillow.

How long should bed sheets last?
Buying what is considered to be a good set of sheets should wind up lasting you between 6 and 8 years. However, taking excellent care of your sheets should enable them to last up even longer. The chemicals used in most laundry detergents are damaging to cotton fibers. The continual use of any detergent with brighteners will impact the life span of sheets. An exposure to high temperatures can turn fibers into a brittle state. Once that occurs, those fibers are more susceptible to breakage.

Do I need to iron my cotton sheets? Why do some sheets lose their sheen after laundering?
Many people do not iron their sheets, preferring the comfort of cotton and not minding its slightly wrinkled natural state. To help your sheets look as crisp as possible, be sure not to over-dry them. Wash them in warm water, dry them on a low setting, and remove them from the dryer promptly while they are still slightly damp, then hang or fold to smooth.

Which sizes of bedding textile are you offering?
Pillowcases are available in standard sizes:

  • 60x70cm
  • 80x80cm

Cushions are available in standard size:

  • 45x45cm
  • Bedspreads are available in different sizes:
  • 180x270cm / 2x pillowcase 60x70cm
  • 230x270cm / 2x pillowcase 60x70cm
  • 270x270cm / 2x pillowcase 60x70cm
  • 260x250cm / 2x pillowcase 60x70cm
  • 260x250cm / Clara Satin Line: no pillowcases

Fitted sheets are available in standard sizes:

  • 70x200cm
  • 80x200cm
  • 90x200cm
  • 90x220cm
  • 120x200cm
  • 140x200cm
  • 160x200cm
  • 160x220cm
  • 180x200cm
  • 180x220cm
  • 200x220cm
  • 80/90/100 x 200/220cm 
  • 140x200/220cm 
  • 160/180 x 200/220cm 
  • 190/200 x 220/230cm
  • 70/80/90 x 200/220cm
  • 120/140 x 200/220cm
  • 160x200/220cm
  • 180x200/220cm
  • 190/200x200/220cm

Duvet covers are available in standard EU sizes. Single model include one pillowcase. Double and King models include two pillowcases (unless otherwise noted).

For more information about Bedding Guide click here.

What material is micropercal?
Micropercal is a synthetic fabric made of combination: cotton,polyester and polyamide. More and more duvet cover is made of micropercal because of the advantageous prices. Other words for micropercal is microfibre, microfiber. Micropercal is very airy, skin-friendly, touch-sensitive material and almost does not need ironing. By using synthetic material is easier to create colorful and natural designs.

For more information about Fabric Guide click here.

What does it mean “open closure” closing?
Also known as hotel closing mode.The end of a duvet cover remains open, but can be tucked under the mattress at the base of the bed to create a really plush, tucked in appearance that prevents the actual duvet from slipping out.

How to maintain your bedding?
We have collected all maintenance information (machine washing, ironing, store, detergent, drying and dry cleaning) in one place; click here.

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