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Main advantages:

  • Closing on push buttons
  • Wash at temperatures up to 95 ° C
  • Allowed to dry in the dryer
  • Material: 100% cotton / damask

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100% varna plačila

Main advantages:

  • Closing on push buttons
  • Wash at temperatures up to 95 ° C
  • Allowed to dry in the dryer
  • Material: 100% cotton / damask

We present to you our own collection of premium beddings. This is possibly the most premium bedding quality you can find on the Slovenian market.
If you would love to have real hotel bedding than you are in the right place.

Collection Éden is made from excellent fabric Damask which is high quality and timeless. Because of the unique jacquard knitting technique, the material stays stable even after 300 washes at the highest temperature - 95°C. Over 300 washes and no change in quality.

In summertime it will cool you down meantime in wintertime it will warm you up and help you to get a good night's sleep.
It has OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certificate which claims that no harmful chemicals were used in bedding production. It is also tested in regulation with quality supervision after RAL-GZ 992 system.

This kind of bedding you can only find in the best hotels around the world as an example in the luxurious hotel chain Ritz-Carlton where they only use the best.


Beddings with trademark Éden are completely made in Europe- from knitting to final product. With that, we can assure you of the highest quality. You can choose between motives as stripes, dots, herringbone, or classic white without a pattern.

The bedding is also appropriate for hotel chains with 5* and other accommodation providers. Please contact us for an offer.

Available sizes:

- 140x200 cm + 1 pillowcase 50x70 cm
- 200x200 cm + 2 pillowcases 50x70 cm


- material: damask jacquard
- certificate: Oeko-Tex Standard 100, RAL-GZ 992
- origin: Europe
- motives: stripes, dots, herringbone, or classic white without a pattern
- closure: buttons
- washing in a washing machine at 95°C
- drying in a tumble dryer
- ironing is possible
- quality guaranty; to 300 washes no change in quality

Material description:

Damask is a fabric with a woven pattern, which is not tied to a specific type of fiber.

It is named after the city of Damascus in Syria, where the heavy, silk fabric originated. Damask was first made in China and then spread to Europe via India, Persia and Syria. The fabric from Damascus was so popular that it gave its name to this fabric.

The pattern is achieved by changing different types of atlas weaving. Because the fiber fabric is in one color, the pattern is unobtrusive and visible especially in obliquely incident light.

More complex patterns have to be woven on Jacquard weaving machines. Such fabrics with a changing way of weaving are called jacquard (after the inventor of weaving machines Jacquard). Only if the satin weave is changed (the pattern has a shiny side at the front and the space between the patterns has a matte side at the front), such a fabric is called damask.

In the past, damask was widely used to make clothes, but today it is mainly used for upholstering furniture and tablecloths.

Advantages of more threads when weaving bedding fabric:

The number of threads that make up the fabric goes hand in hand with the quality of the fabric. Éden bedding is made using the jacquard weaving technique, which uses a large number of threads, which makes the bedding of exceptional quality. At the same time, it works great when washing, even at 95 degrees Celsius.

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