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Main advantages:

  • Made entirely in the EU (Portugal)
  • High quality print
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate

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100% varna plačila

Main advantages:

  • Made entirely in the EU (Portugal)
  • High quality print
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate

Traffic jam on the bedding is a lot more fun than the real one on a road. Grab your car and let the fun begin! Bip bip! 

The Bedding is from quality 100% organic cotton with OEKO-TEX standard 100 Certificate which stands for no use of harmful chemicals in production and claims that fabric is completely safe for your kids and environment friendly.

The fabric density is 160 weaves which are optimal for bedding density.

Maintenance instructions:

It is recommended to turn the bedding outwards when washing it in the washing machine. It is important to wash it at 40 ° C. Bed linen can also be ironed but not more than 150 ° C.

Not suitable for soaking, tumble drying at high temperatures or for washing in dry cleaners.

Available sizes:
- 135x200 cm + 1 pillowcase 50x75 cm (pillow size can be adjusted)
- 140x200/220 cm + 1 pillowcase 60x70 cm (pillow size can be adjusted)

- closure on the zipper
- drying in a tumble dryer
- washing at 60°C

Material description:

Cotton is an extremely widespread and relatively affordable fabric that is completely natural. The plant from which it is obtained is called cotton. We make everything from light laces, cotton bedding, to hard sails from cotton fibers. All this testifies to its exceptional compactness, durability and wear resistance. Everyone who loves to have your cotton bedding of different colors will especially like this material because it can be dyed in a variety of color shades.

Cotton bedding is extremely easy to care for as it can be washed and ironed at high temperatures. Bedding 140x200 and bedding 200x200 are the most commonly purchased dimensions of bedding. In case the cotton bedding gets quite dirty, the stains must be treated before washing in the washing machine. If you are looking for comfortable bedding, then we definitely recommend cotton bedding. Cotton bedding is soft and fluffy, and with different finishing processes we can achieve different properties of cotton. We also advise that baby bedding is made of cotton, as the fabric quickly absorbs and releases moisture, thus achieving a large breathability of the fabric. We basically divide cotton into 4 types: pima, Egyptian, mountain and organic cotton. Cotton is highly recommended when making baby bedding, especially if it is organic cotton that is not bleached and the plant has never been in contact with pesticides during growth.

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