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Main advantages:

  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Stylish revival of your home
  • Easy installation without wrinkles or bubbles
  • Matte look
  • Protective layer that prevents damage

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Main advantages:

  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Stylish revival of your home
  • Easy installation without wrinkles or bubbles
  • Matte look
  • Protective layer that prevents damage

Available size:

● 240x240cm (in 3 strips of: 80x240 cm)

Description of the material:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl) is an economical and versatile thermoplastic polymer widely used in the construction industry for making door and window profiles, pipes (drinking and sewage), wire and cable insulation, medical equipment, etc. It is the third-largest thermoplastic material in the world after polyethylene and polypropylene.

It is a white, brittle solid material available in powder form or granules. Due to its versatile properties, such as light, durability, inexpensive, and ease of the process, PVC is now replacing traditional building materials such as wood, metal, concrete, rubber, ceramics, etc. in various applications.

All of our wallpapers have Airtexgedruck® timeless wallpaper prints. Maximum print width in the printer 494 CM on polyester fabric with a top layer of PVC with a matte look and a slightly textured top layer.

Wallpapers for all surfaces

Airtex® wallpapers have a light gray background, which is also called grayback. Therefore, there are no color differences in the background. Such material can be placed on all colored backgrounds without deviations.

No wrinkles or bubbles

Airtex® has a topcoat with a PVC coating that prevents the formation of wrinkles and bubbles. This allows you to easily and quickly apply wallpaper to the walls. The top layer repels water and offers protection against surface damage and stains.

Easy to remove

Do you want to remove the wallpaper? This is possible as you can even use them multiple times. Easy removal allows you to re-apply the wallpaper to a sufficiently smooth and even surface. This way it holds up optimally.

Material: ProVinyl (vinyl wallpaper with paper backing)
ProVinyl Appearance: very fine structure
Weight of ProVinyl: 300 gr./m2
Printing technique: UV printing
Maximum printing height in one piece 1000 cm
Fire certificate B1 / M1
Extra: The base consists of an FSC mix

Instructions for use ProVinyl: Moderately washable, remove wallpaper dry, completely strippable, use wallpaper glue on the back

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