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Main advantages:

  • more peaceful sleep
  • beneficial effect on the nervous system
  • soothing and relaxation before bed time
  • weight: 7 and 6 kg
  • cover material: 100% cotton
  • the filling of the quilt is glass beads without BPA in the proportion of 100%

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    100% varna plačila

    Main advantages:

    • more peaceful sleep
    • beneficial effect on the nervous system
    • soothing and relaxation before bed time
    • weight: 7 and 6 kg
    • cover material: 100% cotton
    • the filling of the quilt is glass beads without BPA in the proportion of 100%

      Is your sleep restless? Do you bounce at night because there is no way you can calm your body and fall asleep? We present you an object that will improve the quality of your sleep. We introduce you the innovative Dreamwithus weighted quilt.



      The weighted blanket is a complete innovation on the market. It was created on the basis of studies that have shown that simulated hugs create pressure that makes it easier for our body to calm down and thus have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Studies have also shown, among other things, that users of weighted blankets relax faster and easier and fall asleep faster. The quality of their sleep, however, was much higher. As the quality of sleep improved, the levels of the hormones melatonin and serotonin also increased. These hormones affect well-being and promote relaxation. Abroad, the weighted blanket is also known as a gravity blanket and represents a real global innovation. Abroad, the use of a weighted blanket is recognized as an aid to reduce anxiety. In one study, it is even cited as an alternative to medication, patient isolation, and patient physical limitations. A 2006 study found that 63% of 32 adults reported a reduction in anxiety after using a weighted blanket, and 78% of all even preferred using a weighted blanket as a sedative.


      How does the Dreamwithus weighted blanket work at all

      Inside the quilt are BPA-free glass beads (100% content, polyester-free), which create extra weight and evenly distributed pressure on the whole body due to their even distribution. It is with the help of this stimulation that the weighted blanket induces release. For better sleep, you will wake up more rested and full of energy for daily challenges.



      The weighted blanket weighs 7 kg and is one of the highest quality you can currently find on our market.

      Its exterior is made of durable micropercale material, which ensures airiness and appropriate thermal regulation without overheating. It will keep you warm in the winter and nicely ventilated in the summer. The quilt is made of exceptional quality and will serve you for years to come.

      The weighted blanket is available in two dimensions. The smaller one is also suitable for use e.g. in the office when you have to sit for a long time due to office work or during daily rest. In this way, you can relieve your body and help raise energy.


      Why use a weighted blanket?

      Quieter sleep

      The main purpose of a weighted blanket is to achieve calmer and better quality sleep. It is recommended for people who sleep poorly, wake up tired, or find it harder to relax when they lie down to rest. It also helps you fall asleep faster and achieve deeper sleep, which affects better cognitive functions the next day. Poor sleep has been shown to result in a person being more irritable, anxious or even paranoid the next day.


      Calming and relaxing

      Weighted blankets are helpful for people with anxiety disorders, for those suffering from insomnia, people with autism, or individuals with ADHD. In one study they found out that children with ADHD needed at least 30 minutes to fall asleep in 19% of all nights. Since using a weighted blanket, 19% of the night when children with ADHD need more than 30 minutes to fall asleep has dropped to 0%, meaning the weighted blanket shortens their time to less than 30 minutes a day, which they need to calm down and fall asleep. For children with autism, researchers have not shown that weighted blankets improve their sleep, nevertheless, children with autism and their parents have accepted the use of a weighted blanket well, and children have felt comfortable wrapping themselves in a blanket. Again, in another study, they found that sleep time was prolonged and participants moved less during sleep when using a weighted blanket. Subjectively, however, study participants reported that they like to sleep covered with a weighted blanket to make it easier to position themselves for sleeping and easier to find the right sleeping position. They have also reported that their sleep is calmer since they use a weighted blanket and that they wake up more sleepy in the morning.

      The quilt was originally created precisely for people suffering from various mental disorders. Especially for those who have trouble sleeping due to anxiety disorders, as their thoughts can in no way calm down in the evening.

      Relieves restless legs syndrome

      The product is also used by individuals with restless legs syndrome. It is even supposed to relieve pain, which will make women happy every month when menstrual problems occur.

      A weighted blanket reduces stress

      It is also used during the day in sensory integration therapy, where it helps patients manage their own emotions and behaviors. Its use would also make sense during a stressful workday. During work, you can wrap yourself in a weighted blanket and check what effect it has on your productivity.

      Tehnical specifications:
      Size: 140x200 cm
      Material: 100% cotton, BPA-free glass bead filling (100% content, polyester-free
      Weight: 7kg (suitable for people with 70+ kg) and 6kg (suitable for people with 60+ kg)
      Color: royal blue


      1.) Eron K, Kohnert L, Watters A, Logan C, Weisner-Rose M, Mehler PS. Weighted blanket use: a systematic review. Am J Occup Ther. 2020; 74 (2): 7402205010p1-p14.
      2.) Becklund AL, Rapp-McCall L, Nudo J. Using weighted blankets in an inpatient mental health hospital to reduce anxiety. J Integr Med. 2020


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