We are respectful, responsible, positive, generous, humble, curious, determined and enthusiastic,...


For the most part, we are adorned with positive character traits, but we are aware of our shortcomings and we are improving the processes of our work and the process of order processing on a daily basis. We are especially dedicated to improving the communication skills that are essential for a successful relationship between a company and our valued customers.


We are best described by the abbreviations in the name of our brand. We are someone's daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister, friend, friend, and we present to you the first and only contact with the Dreamwithus brand. We are immensely grateful for this opportunity.


We are also grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you in our own way, as unique as is Dreamwithus.


CEO, director – businessman, by soul thrilled about technology. In the past 12 years I have been enthusiastic about E-commerce and digital marketing. I am especially excited about analytics, strategic planning and digitization of processes. In my free time I spend my time with my family, play basketball and lately I am excited by flying drones.


COO, assistant director – I don’t perceive my job only ˝as a job˝ but more as a way of life. I love to create stories for better good and I always look forward, just a little bit beyond the goals I set, because this represents a challenge to me in all areas. From the business point of view I am an internal supporter of good organization, optimization and networking. In my spare time I am a traveler who enjoys life in its fullness.


CIO – I have helped start-ups in different areas for more than 13 years. Business world is my passion in the same way as basketball is. I like spending time with my family the most and I believe that trust is the key to success in all areas.


AGENCY MARKETING LEADER – I like to read a good book, I love to spend my time with my family and I like to do things that give me an adrenaline rush.


OFFICE MANAGER - ˝Good organization is a halfway to success˝. I am a morning person. Organized, persistent, curious, especially happy and grateful for everything my life brings me on a daily basis – new challenges, experiences and wonderful people. I always speak my mind so I really appreciate sincerity and people with good humor and those who are full of knowledge. I will always choose laughter, love, solidarity, easiness and cooperation. I love to travel around the world as much as through life itself which is the greatest gift.


HEAD OF MARKETING – All happens for a reason. Quote I live by. And also, with a reason I ended in the most amazing team. I perceive myself as a positive, smiley, energetic person full of ideas and like to see the things are organized and under control.😄 I adore good, positive people, good food, drink and simple gatherings. I am inspired by people who created big stories from point zero and challenges, through which you become a better version of yourself and they extract hidden abilities and enable you to upgrade the knowledge and experiences.


DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST - ˝An investment in knowledge pays the best interest˝. This is my motto, not only in business but also in life itself. I love my job which I don’t perceive as work, but as a part of life. I love to work in our current group because they give me FREEDOM in my working area, appreciate my opinion and consider my propositions. It's great to be heard again. I love life in all its ways. With people, I especially appreciate sincerity, also the most cruel and sincere ones. I am inspired by successful and kind people which bring the best out of me.😊


DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST – Communicative, loud and always smiling. I love life, dancing and people with positive energy. I love challenges and traveling into the unknown, but I love Spanish language, sunny days and good music even more.🌎🌞


DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST – I like to read a good book with a cup of coffee, spend my time in nature, especially in mountains, clear my head with meditation, play sports which sometimes represent a risk for injuries and look for balance between planning the future and living in the moment.


MARKETING CONTENT CREATOR – Young mom who extremely enjoys photographing, creativity and editing of video content. In my free time I like to take a walk, spend some time alone, look for inspiration and be with my family.


DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST – I love everything about games no matter if those are sports, social or video games. Many times, I stay awake long in the night and get surges of energy while other ˝regular˝ people are responsible and sleep. I am very competitive when I am enthusiastic and really interested in something.


EDITOR – Because I come from an artistic family, I have inherited artistic traits. So, in my free time I am occupied with digital designing and hand painting of mandalas and elements which originate from buddhism, hinduism and similar cultures. I always love to discover new things and open new doors so my goal is to listen to new lectures, learn new stuff and spread my horizons. When time lets me, I travel a lot, always to destinations that aren’t so popular and discovering them is always interesting and full of new experiences.


EDITOR – I am an online editor for Dreamwithus. I am glad to solve daily challenges that my workplace brings me. I look forward to new ventures and stories that we will write with the best team in the world. In my free time I like to read, run and spend time with my family. I am positive, smiling and appreciate good humor. I love good food and good people.


EDITOR – Mom of a three year old girl who likes to bake pastries when I find some free time (even more to eat it).😄 By nature a happy and positive person with short patience to unkind people. A big animal lover, especially a dog person.🐕


EDITOR – 14 years old Beagle Joža demands my full attention, I like to take walks on the hill side and in the mountains, bicycle and hang out with my friends.


EDITOR – Person who loves to spend free time in the woods among trees, but also at home among cat paws and 60 room plants. I am a lover of walks through museums and observing the art. At home I express myself with embroidering. I highly appreciate kindness, respect and human sincerity.
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COPYWRITER – The area of my interest is psychology since I am also educated in this area and got my degree in biopsychology. Currently I work as a copywriter and I am creating online content. At home I am getting to know gardening and from time to time I love to try good cuisine. Every day I try to get into nature which means a lot to me and makes me feel relaxed. I enjoy discovering new places with my family, which we do during our free weekends.








WAREHOUSE ADMINISTRATION - Because of my interest in art and design I completed study of fashion design. I really love to travel and since nowadays this isn’t possible, I get creative in many ways. I love to be artistic and I am getting more and more interested in digital marketing. I am glad I educate in this area mostly on our Friday workshops.
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BUSINESS DEVELOPER – As a father of three kids and all-day integration in business I don’t have a lot of free time. When I find some, I occupy myself with my biggest passion - motocross, which I perform and also lead my own team with which we perform in Slovenia and abroad. Beside sports which has been present my whole life, I educate myself a lot and love to share my knowledge with others.
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